Act III: The return



A new day comes and my eyes haven’t closed yet.
How can I see so clearly in such a gray morning?
Far away from prison,
I can see the autumn leaves flying free;
I will be one of them today.

More than a thousand moons imprisoned,
but my memories still remind me why I did come here.

I take my books and some other few things,
years of ostracism, nightmares and pain,
maybe a friend or two, who knows.
Still escorted, but not cuffed.
I’ve paid my dues.

I lose control and stabbed him,
thinking about mom, I saved her from the monster.

Prying eyes along the corridor hurt me,
a thousand histories, memories, reasons to be happy.
But also a thousand disillusions,
a thousand and one fatal moments,
and a thousand mothers weeping,
blaming themselves for what went wrong.

Had she been brave, she would have reported him,
he would have been in my place in here, not me.

As the door opens
I look at these walls and wave them goodbye.
I wonder if a single body can entail
so much freedom.



Mother, I’m back,
the dream came true.
Mother, when I enter the house,
nothing has changed, waiting for me
It seems it was yesterday when I left.

But you, mother, you look older now,
time covered you in white.
But behind the wrinkles I can see how harder times
die when you smile at me.
Mother, things will be different from now on.

Mother, why don’t you go for a walk?
Mother, everything shines outside.
Mother, let the sunbeam get into your grief
and disperse the storm in your heart.

But mother, what are you afraid of
now that it’s over?
No more cries or threats, I’m here.
We suffered too much,
we must go along, I now it’s hard,
but, mother, I won’t succeed without you.


She smiles, she missed him so badly…
How many times has she told herself she must move on?
But she still cries on the pillow
when she dreams of her husband alive.
He kisses her and begs for forgiveness
and then he vanishes in the dark.

She doesn’t want to believe her son saved her
and when she does, once again she pries
and says:


Lord, oh my Lord, you the Almighty,
have pity on them, accept them in Heaven
and give me strength to love my boy
because I can’t forgive him.




He gets home late.
Too many times has he wondered if his job is the money worth.
He finds her mother ironing the suit
he will wear tomorrow, when he gets married.

They met each other dancing Rock’n’Roll played by Amnea.
He was sure he would be alone forever
but now he sees the world goes just the other way round
and that love can happen again,
tomorrow they will get married,
they will get married.

Lying down on the bed, he closes his eyes
and thinks life is sweet when you can move on.
He gets married…
Who knows if his father would have been happy?

The sun rises.
Too early he is awake, he’s nervous.
When in the bathroom,
he sees him.


How can this be true, what are you doing here?
I stabbed you right in the heart!
Why are you back, what do you want from me?
Please, don’t make me go out of my mind!


It is nothing else than his mirror image,
time has gone by for him too
his hair, his look,
that gaze terrified him.

He would like to tear his skin off
so that he can finally get rid of his remaining memories
and so they won’t share
the same blood ever again.

And so they won’t share
the same blood ever again.


If you were an abuser,
what can I turn into? I killed you.
I shout for I don’t want to be like you,
but who can be sure of that?

She is my life, she brings me light,
but will I ever hit her?
After spending some years in the dark,
you learn you are most scared of yourself.


I don’t want to go back in time.
Hey, hey!
You murdered him!
Your head is about to explode.
Where is the light?


Shut up!!!
Shut up!!!


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